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Guest: Sara Reinke on becoming a storyteller

Sara ReinkeI’ve been writing stories since I was very young, pretty much as long as I can remember. My mom has all of them packed away in an attic somewhere, I’m sure—spiral-bound notebooks filled with handwritten tales of unicorns, dragons and little-girl detectives. I don’t know what inspired me at that time, except that I could read from a very early age, and undoubtedly books helped my imagination to bloom. I don’t think it occurred to me that the people who wrote those books did so for a living; for me, it was always an intrinsic sort of call, and I guess I’ve always assumed—then and now—that anyone else who did it, too, felt the same way.

When I was in second grade, my uncle Pete gave me a paperback set of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I read them cover to cover, until they were falling apart, literally taped back together. I remember realizing as I dove into Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth that this was what I wanted to do—I wanted to be a storyteller, a writer; I wanted other people to read and enjoy my work.

Throughout my childhood from that point forward, I went through a series of typewriters. My parents bought me a play one when I first told them I wanted to be a writer. As they watched me pound out stories on its little keyboard, I guess they eventually figured I was serious, so they bought me a real one—a huge steel-cased manual that probably weighed as much as I did. I’d lug it from room to room, pecking and typing. At some point over the years, my family got sick of the racket and bought me a (silent) electric one. By high school, I’d upgraded to word processors, and in college, I bought my first laptop.

The tools of the trade may have changed over the years, but the desire behind them has always remained the same. I love to write. I would write stories even if no one else ever read a single word of them. That I get to share them with readers—that other people enjoy them—is an added bonus and one of the greatest sources of satisfaction I know.

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