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  Instructing Adam by Selena Blake

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I absolutely LOVE the idea of giving us members a chapter by chapter free read of 4 different books! I can’t wait to check-in to the Members Only section to see if a new chapter has been put up yet! ~ Cheryl Sanders

It makes me feel special, plus I also like the free reads. ~ Ellen Blakely

I love when an author includes her fans! When I go to your website I am just amazed at finding interesting things there! And the chapter by chapter free reads are awesome! Of course Selena Blake, you are awesome too! ~ Jana Goodwin

I love having a place just for me (and other fans). It’s just an awesome place all around. What’s not to love about free books!! Your awesome Selena! ~ Jodie Stump

I have enjoyed going to your website, it is really amazing to get the free chapter, the interaction with your fan base. You are one the best authors around. I love everything that I have read so far. The free reads works really well. ~ Belinda Simmons

I like than an author sets up an area for their fans. The free reads are a great plus. ~ Zita Rivera

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