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Mystic Isle

Welcome to Mystic Isle, the exclusive playground for paranormals seeking all kinds of play.

You never know who you might find, here are a few of the main pleasure seekers:

Grayson West & Coco Jeffres
Maxim Ciolek & Ceara Blackwell
Shade Sotenburg & Izzy Lukin
Hunter Ciolek & Avery Cooper
Charles Latham
Valencia Fabelle


Paranormal Romance Novella Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe by Selena Blake Paranormal Romance Novella A Werewolf to Call Her Own by Selena Blake
Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe
December 2012

Excerpt| Buy it

A Werewolf to Call Her Own
February 2013

Excerpt| Buy it

Games Demons Play
April 2013

Excerpt| Buy it

Pursued by a Werewolf
December 2013

Excerpt| Buy it

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