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Rescuing Natacha (Deep Space Encounters, Book 2)

Sci-Fi Romance Novella Rescuing Natacha by Selena Blake

Series being revamped, look for it in 2014

Halyn’s mission was simple. On paper. Travel to PrimeC, rescue Natacha, bring her back to Isis on Del Sorna. But he should have known that no mission goes exactly as planned, and no matter how prepared the spacemerc was, he was not prepared for Natacha. Or the feelings she inspired.

In tight quarters with a strange man, running from the Federation, Natacha goes into withdrawal from the gas on PrimeC. Isis says Natacha can trust this man, but she’s not sure she can trust herself.

The more he tries to soothe her symptoms, the more passionate she becomes. Is her lust real… or just a side effect? And just how long can a man be expected to stay out of her bed when she keeps begging him to join her?

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Series: Deep Space Encounters Book 2

Genre: SciFi – Interracial (space, telekinesis)

Keywords: primec

Length: novella

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 A raygun blast whizzed by Hayln West’s right shoulder, and he spun and returned fire. The woman, a PrimeC soldier dressed in white, fell back against the wall, a gaping wound in her chest. The stench of fried flesh filled the ultra modern lounge, but he knew she wasn’t alone. He dropped to one knee behind a low slung sofa and took out two more PrimeC soldiers who hugged the walls of an adjoining corridor, his aim deadly.Halyn closed himself off to the chaos reigning around him and focused on the shadows, using his gift to sense danger. His job was to get in, rescue Isis’s friend Natacha, and get out. In one piece. But the Federation army was early. Four weeks early by the sounds of the raygun blasts from the hallway behind him. The residents, women being brainwashed and held against their will, ran past him. They wore matching masks of confusion and terror, obviously stunned by the sudden appearance of armed soldiers and the sounds the ensuing gunfight.When he didn’t see any more enemy troops, he rose to his full height and started for the wide hallway before him. With all the frightened women heading for the hills, the hall was eerily quiet. So quiet that he wondered if he was walking into an ambush. But he sensed nothing. Holding a gun in each hand, he aimed one left and the other right, walking sideways, his back to the wall. He counted each door as he passed and when he came to the fifth one, he stopped, turned, and aimed in both directions again. Next to the door, a digital sign read Natacha & Isis. He used the handle of his weapon to smash in the computerized panel below the sign and the door opened instantly.He shifted the weapon in his left hand to aim directly in front of him as he stepped into the small, dimly lit space. Tension rippled through him, and his old should wound throbbed. The first room contained two gray chairs and a small center table. He stepped further into the space, and a feminine moan filled his ears.He stepped right, his gaze sweeping the bedroom beyond. There on one of the single wide beds was a woman in the throes of a passionate dream. Eyes firmly shut, she lay twisted with the covers, her gown hiked up around her chest. She continued to moan as her hands roamed over her stomach, hips, and…

He swallowed hard. Isis was right. Natacha was chocolate in a vanilla world. Her skin was so beautifully dark against the stark white sheets. Her hair fanned around her, covering her pillow as she turned her head left, right, then left again.
Now was not the time to be transfixed but — he stepped closer, lowering the gun in his right hand. She rubbed her clit with four fingers, and her thighs spread wide as her hips tipped upward. Halyn cursed the blood rushing to his cock. He’d wasted too much time already, standing here watching some woman get off in her sleep.

Fuck. Her middle finger dipped between the slick folds and her hips tilted further, giving him an incredible view of the innermost folds of her pretty pink cunt.

The tip of her finger thrust inside her pussy, and a husky gasp escaped her lips. His gaze drifted up her body, over the heavy breasts beneath the sheer gown, the dark nipples poking the fabric, to her face. She was beautiful. Sensual, with a wide succulent mouth he had an uncontrollable urge to kiss. But he couldn’t. Not now. Now, he needed to get her out of this hellhole.

Tucking his guns back in the holsters, he adjusted his cock, giving it a firm squeeze before he started toward Natacha. He’d stop off somewhere once he got Natacha back to Isis and take care of the… tension.

As much as he hated to stop her show, halt her dream and ruin her orgasm, time was of the essence. Federation troops would be crawling over this whole compound in a few short minutes. He bent, tucking his arms beneath her writhing body, and lifted her high against his chest. Though it was warm inside the compound, her skin was icy against his. Her sweet scent filled his nose, and surprisingly, she didn’t wake. Did they drug the women so they’d sleep? Or was her dream really that powerful?
Looking down at the soft O of her lips he wondered what… who she dreaming about. Damn it, that didn’t matter right now. He turned for the door and saw a Federation soldier dart past.

“Damn,” he muttered and turned back toward the single square window between the two beds. Face the troops or take his chances on the ice? Without hesitating, Hayln swung Natacha up onto his shoulder, set his gun to blast and fired two shots. One at the top of the window and one at the bottom. Once the smoke died down, a gaping hole beckoned escape and a wall of icy air blasted him. “Freeze.” Hayln whirled toward the soldier in the doorway. A single shot to the center of the other man’s chest knocked him back into the hallway. Gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder, Hayln turned back to the window and surveyed the icy landscape. The drop to the ground was about the same height as he was. This was going to hurt. But less than getting his ass shot. He jumped. The ice crunched beneath his feet, his shoulder screamed with pain, and Natacha came to life with a start. She screamed something he didn’t understand, but the knee to his gut told him she wanted down. “Hold on, honey.” Struggling to stay upright on the slippery ground, he gathered his strength and started toward the end of the building. All he had to do now was get to his ship. Another knee to the gut knocked his breath from his lungs. He dropped his hand from her hip to curl behind her knees, immobilizing them. All he had to do, he corrected, was get to ship, keep the girl calm, and not get shot. Or killed. Or kiss the girl.

Hayln found that most plans were easier on paper than in execution. But for once, karma was on his side. He made it to the end of the long building without freezing, losing his balls, or getting shot in the ass. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure no one had come after him out Natacha’s window.

The slender woman perched atop his shoulder beat her fists into his back. “Give it a rest, woman.” So much for her being thankful he was saving her ungrateful ass. With one hand still poised over his gun, he skirted another wall, still coiled for a fight.

The shelter of the spaceport was a welcome relief. The wind howled outside the massive doorway, blowing snow by in billowy gusts. If only Natacha would shut up. In the shadows, he dropped her to her feet and put a hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wide, her body trembling like a Federation rookie on his first mission.

He used his body to press her against the wall. Not wanting to attract attention, he tried to use his eyes to convey the seriousness of their situation. This wasn’t a simulation and sure as hell wasn’t a video game. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Isis sent me.”
Her mouth dropped open beneath his hand. “You know Isis?” she mumbled beneath his palm.

Hayln nodded. “Come with me.”

A rapid sputter of laser fire blasted through the port, and every muscle in his body snapped to attention, pushing her further into the shadows. Natacha squeezed her eyes shut, as if blocking out the world would keep her safe. Feminine and masculine shouts echoed across the space. Across the port, bodies littered the delivery bay and the scent of burnt flesh hung heavy in the air.

His gaze swung back to the woman in his arms. Her lips quivered and tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. He wished he could be sure her terror came from the situation and not him. But that shouldn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was getting her out alive.

“Trust me, Natacha.” The tenuous connection lasted a few more seconds before she slowly shook her head. “I’m taking you to Isis. I’ll protect you. I promise.”

Halyn glanced over his shoulder at his ship. Just a short run straight up the ramp. He could make that no sweat. But would she come willingly? A quick glance back at Natacha told him he was going to have to carry her. She seemed to be hyperventilating. Or maybe she was just working herself up into a good tantrum. She wouldn’t be the first woman he’d rescued to have a meltdown.

But she was the first rescue he’d ever wanted to pull close, tell her it’d be okay and he’d get her out alive. Or slant his lips across hers, lick and nip his way over her sweet body, taste her most intimate delights. Fuck. His cock was hard again.
Obviously feeling the bulge, Natacha sucked in a breath and her gaze fell to where their bodies crushed against each other. Her head shook back and forth frantically.

“Damn it, woman, I’m not going to rape you.”

Not giving her time to react, he ducked and lifted her over his shoulder again. He sprinted toward his ship, just as she let out the first terrified scream.

The Federation guards only took a few seconds to spot him racing through the shadows. With no time to draw his own weapon, Hayln used his gift to shield them and ran faster. Blasts pinged the walls behind him and leveled the cargo boxes on the floor in front of him, but that only made him dig deeper.

One more step and he was safely behind his ship. Hustling up the ramp, he tried to hold the squirming woman atop his shoulder. “Hold still,” he ground out. He focused on the large button that would lift the ramp, and mentally smacked his palm against it. Natacha thrashed around, all arms and legs. Then he heard a sickening thud and her body went slack.

He rushed her to his empty bunk. “Natacha. Natacha.” Her jet-black lashes brushed her cheeks. He leaned down until his cheek was a scant inch from her nose. Still breathing. Straightening, he mentally jabbed a series of buttons in the cockpit. The ship whirred to life.
“Shields activated,” the computer said.

Hayln ran his hands over Natacha’s body, searching for her injury. His heart beat a thousand light-years a minute as he rolled her over. His hand came away from the base of her skull with a smear of blood. He pushed her hair aside to inspect the wound. “Damn it.” She moaned. “Crazy woman.” He’d told her to be still, but rather than listen, she’d whacked her head. Without a moment to lose, he strapped the sleeping beauty to his bed with wide, silky straps.
The blasts echoing off the shields surrounding his ship had him rushing forward to the cockpit and firing the engines. “I’ve got the package,” he said after pressing the comm button to connect with Isis. Another blast shattered against the invisible barrier.

“All systems go.”

Hayln grabbed the stick between his legs and sent the ship spinning left. Precisely timed movements let him squeeze past the Federation ships and zip out the port. He aimed the small craft at the horizon and gave it plenty of power, trying to get to the other side of PrimeC before he went into orbit in case any more Federation ships were waiting off-shore.

“Hostiles incoming,” the computerized voice told him. He glanced at the glowing black screen and the small blue icon closing in behind him. Damn PrimeC pilots. Isis hadn’t mentioned anything about that.

“How’s it going, Hayln?” Isis’s voice in his ear made him grit his teeth.

He hit the comm button that brought her up on a screen to his right. “Pilots. I’ve got fucking pilots on my ass.” In the background he heard Tristin telling Isis to leave Halyn alone to do his job. Hayln snorted. When had Isis kept her hands out of anything?
“Can you shake them?” she asked.

Adrenaline surged through his system, making him feel invincible. He started to smile and give her his usual cocky retort, but a blast zoomed by the starboard side and splintered an outcrop of rocks. Debris pinged off the shields as he flew through the dust cloud. “These bitches mean business.”

His ship was outfitted with stellar protection, firing capabilities and a top-notch medical kit. And though she was fast, she wasn’t the fastest ship in the galaxy. He pushed the stick forward, feeling the resistance from the planet’s gravity and air.
Another blast whizzed by. “That was close. Too fucking close.” Outrunning them wouldn’t work. He pulled the stick back and pressed a series of buttons. Flying straight up, his stomach dropped.

“Weapons armed.”

Hayln dropped behind the other pilot, locked onto the glistening ship, and fired.

The other vessel exploded into a ball of fire and metal. “Got ’em,” he called out.

“Is that Natacha? What’s wrong with her?” Isis leaned left, as if she could peer around Hayln’s shoulder.

He set his course for space, feeling the forces press down on his travel-weary body. “She hit her head on the way in. Feisty woman, that one.”

“Feisty? Natacha?”

“She almost nailed me in the nads, Isis. Feisty is the word I’d use.” The masculine chuckles from the sidelines of Isis’s comm made him grin. No doubt Rafe and Tristin had had their share of feistiness. Isis’s passion and temper perfectly matched her fiery mane.

“Entering space in three-two-one…” Blackness swamped the cabin, and Hayln stared ahead toward the stars. He relaxed into the seat and tipped his head back, closing his eyes momentarily. He was getting too old for this shit.

Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward and punched in the code for Del Sorna.

“I’ll be in touch soon,” he told Isis before disconnecting the communiqué. She started to object, but the screen went black, cutting her off.

Safely in the emptiness of space, Hayln turned toward the woman lying in his bed. It wasn’t unusual for him to have a passenger; after all, the black marks on the wall above his bed indicated rescues, not conquests. But the quiet, peaceful beauty lying there, her hand draped over her midsection, one foot hanging over the side… she was… unique. Fire and ice. He shouldn’t feel the urge to slide in beside her and hold her. She was a rescue. A friend of a… was Isis a true friend?
Natacha made a tiny sound of distress, and that launched him from his chair. While he was sitting there oogling her, she was in pain. He had get his libido reined in and concentrate on getting her better. Getting her back to Isis. And forget the way his heart squeezed every time he looked at her.

He started the onboard medivac and moved to the bed. After unhooking the security straps, he picked up her hand. Amazed by the softness, he studied the perfectly shaped nails, the lines on her palm. Blood. He needed her blood. Focus, jackass.
The machine did all the work, he simply held it to the tip of her finger. It took a tiny sample of blood and began running a battery of tests. This machine had saved his life more than once and was worth the price. Next he repositioned her feet, trying desperately to ignore the sensations running up his arms every time he touched her satiny skin. After placing her arms at her sides, he lined up the ray-machine overhead. It took a full body scan, able to detect fractures, bullets, and an array of other injuries.
He stood to the side, his chest tight as he watched her. Watched the machine scan her from head to toe. What would it be like to sink into her heat, stare into those deep brown eyes as he thrust home over and over again? Would she be feisty in bed? Would she be demure?

Shy? Passion incarnate?

“Scan complete.”

He stepped up to the screen and read the printout. No internal injuries. No concussion. Poison present. Poison? He tapped the screen for more information. Natacha began to cough, and he darted a concerned glance her way.
Shit. She was having withdrawal from MalthonY, the gas they’d pumped into PrimeC. Quickly, he pulled up the symptoms and cure. Keep her cool and soothed until the gas worked out of her system. Exercise would help reduce the effects quicker. How the hell was she going to exercise in a vessel this size?

“I enjoyed the characters in this book, their unusual conflicts, and definitely the intense heat they struggled with.”4.5 Diamonds — Starla Kaye, Got Erotic Romance! Reviews“The scenes between Halyn and Natacha are very well done, the physical attraction between them is smoking hot, and the dialogue is sharp and witty.”– Rose, Two Lips Reviews

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