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Book Blogger Interview: Book Lovin Mamas

Where are you from? Were you a big reader as a child?

(Anna) I’m from Central Texas, born and raised. J I never really read much until after high school but once I started I couldn’t stop myself.

(FranJessca) Born in Maryland, raised in FL and living in Virginia Beach, VA thanks to the Navy, but moving back to FL this summer.

I definitely was a big reader as a child.  My Mom always said I had my nose in a book growing up.  The minute I started reading, I was addicted.


What made you decide to start a book blog?

(Anna) I have this overwhelming need to share with people my love for reading and such, so that is what made me start my first blog. What made Fran and I start Book Lovin’ Mamas together was because we knew we both read the same types of books and two bloggers is better than one so we teamed up. Best decision I ever made! ;)

(FranJessca) Same answer as Anna….we teamed up together to share our love of reading and created Book Lovin’ Mamas together.  BEST DECISION ever!  Seriously…I have the best blog partner ever.


What’s your biggest challenge as a book blogger?

(Anna) Keeping my house clean. That probably sounds funny but it’s not so easy to keep up with two kids, 3 and 7 years old, keep my house clean and keep my TBR list and review list under control. I love what I do though, so it’s worth it. J

 (FranJessca) Keeping up with everything else, while blogging.  I am a college student, as well as a full time Mom to two girls and wife to a retired Navy Sailor….so life is super busy.  I’m up late fixing what ever I need to do with the blog as well as reading.  I probably get about 4 hours of sleep every night.


Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

(Anna) Maya Banks and Lora Leigh because they have the best heroes, big and bad and very domineering. Nailini Singh, Marjorie Lui and Rhyannon Byrd because they have the sexiest shifters. Karen Moning because Jericho Barrons, Christian MacKeltar and the MacKeltar twins….no need to say more there. ;) Mari Carr, Lexxie Couper, Selena Blake, Karen Erickson, Elle Kennedy because their erotica is the hottest EVER! Oh I could keep going and going. I have too many favorites.

 (FranJessca) Oh boy, this is a hard one…I have several.  Are you ready?  J.R. Ward because her BDB series is addicting and it helps when she writes about strong alpha vampire male types, who you want to marry.  Gena Showalter because she has the most intriguing writing style…because she does her own thing…she never follows trends.  (It also helps when she writes male characters who should be real….not fictional).  Karin Tabke…have you read her Blood Moon Rising Trilogy…read it and you will know why I LOVE her!!! Plus….she knows how to make you squirm while reading because  she knows how to write a erotic scene.  Oh my, just thinking about her shifter books make me want to take a cold shower.  =)  Sylvia Day because she wrote a fictional character who I seriously am in LOVE with…Gideon Cross.  She is the first author who made my emotions go haywire while reading the Crossfire books. I literally can finish any book from her in one day.  She knows how to keep you turning the page.


What’s your biggest book/story related pet peeve?

(Anna) Whiny heroines and womanizing heroes are my biggest story pet peeves. My biggest book pet peeve is folding down the corner to mark your page. Drives me nuts! LOL

 (FranJessca) I cannot stand whiny heroines or male characters who assume every female character cannot handle themselves.  Sometimes alpha males need to check their ego…especially when the female character can take care of herself.  When it comes book pet peeves…I cannot stand someone borrowing a book and not returning it.  ALL my books are like my children.  Oh and my hubby threatening to get rid of my paperbacks/hardcovers since he got me a Kindle Fire.  I keep telling him if he touches one book, I will divorce him.  LOL


If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

(Anna) This is easy, Romance. It’s all I read now. But please don’t make me choose one sub-genre. I’d never be able to pick one. I need them all! J

 (FranJessca) It used to be Paranormal Romance….but I am starting to think I love erotica/contemporary romance more.  I love that genre due to some of the ideas I get from it and also because hubby enjoys me reading those more.  LOL  =)

Thanks for having us Selena! This was a lot of fun!!!

FranJessca’s Bio

FranJessca, aka Fran, Frannie, Mommy, “Red”, Butterfly, or Papi. 
Wife, Mom to two Princesses (Ages: 7 yrs and 1 yr), Freelance Photographer, Navy Veteran, and a “Proud” Romance Book Addict.
After 10 years of being in the Service…I’m now a Full-Time Mom to my girls and a Online College Student with UMUC to pursue my degree in Computers Network & Security and Minor in English, so I can eventually get my Master’s Degree.  I’m an over achiever and plan to work in the computer field again, while also eventually writing my own romance novels.  =)


Book Lovin’ Mamas Bio

Anna and FranJessca met years ago while they were both members of an online mommy message board. Though they have not ever met in person yet, they have known each other for years, keeping in touch thanks to facebook. One day a little over a year ago they started talking about maybe starting up a book review blog together instead of continuing their own personal blogs. They both enjoyed the same types of books so why not. And there begins Book Lovin’ Mamas! :) And boy has it been a fun first year!!!




Twitter: @BookLovinMamas