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Book Blogger Interview: All I Want And More

Where are you from?

I am from the south… the real south! :) I am a born and raised Louisiana Southern Girl… But my new home is on the East Coast.
Were you a big reader as a child?
I wasn’t a huge reader when I was a child, but I did love to read the Nancy Drew novels and I mean who did NOT love Scholastic book fairs at their school. I mean come on.. I think we need to have that as adults :)
I was a hit or miss reader. My life was too much like some of the YA novels out there today that I wasn’t much of a reader as I was a writer. I kept journals of my journey.
What made you decide to start a book blog?
This is going to sound silly – Twilight. My daughter bought the first one at her school book fair and then just shelved it. Well, her best friend wanted to get into reading and wanted a reading buddy. So, for the sake of getting a teenager into reading… I decided to read with her and discuss the book as we went… Then after we were done, I wanted the adult version of the Twilight. :) So, I started my search and found an author I loved and emailed her… She pointed me to her blog…. And then my little bloggie home was created. But I was a stalker first… I did not active the whole blog… I think it took me about a month, lol before I opened the blog up.
What’s your biggest challenge as a book blogger?
Hummm… my biggest challenge is making room for reading and life. I have someone in my life that loves to be active. So, we are always on the go and reading some times does not fit in the picture. But he knows how important reading is to me, so he makes sure I have time to read.
Who are some of your favorite authors and why?
Is this a trick question…. How much time do I have… My favorite authors are (just the tip of the iceberg) Lissa Matthews, Gina Gordon, Anne March, Stacey Kennedy, Cristal Ryder, R.G. Alexander, Jodi Redford, Lauren Dane, Moria Rogers, Vivian Arend, Selena Blake…. and there are so many more… And why… well, all the authors that I read introduce me into a world of their own, they push my buttons, stretch my imagination, and simply draw me.
What’s your biggest book/story related pet peeve?
When editors don’t do a thorough job at going through an author’s book with a fine tooth comb. We are all human, but the authors put to much blood, sweat and tears in their work for someone to not have enough care to go through their author’s books to make sure all is good. Then when covers do not go with the story description. The publishing houses need to give authors more leeway in designing their covers. :) Sorry…
Story related… when there are parts in the book that drag or when editors make author’s put stupid crap that – I as the reader – do not care about when a pivotal scene is happening.
If you could only read one genre for the rest of  your life what would it be and why?
Well, my genre would be erotic and why… I am not called the Smutty Hussy for nothing….

Books are my crack & I’ll gladly pimp myself out for them. Okay, maybe not myself… But some of my tribal men that hang out at my Lair! I love to READ – hello – that is why I am here!!! And I love to share… Well, at least my reading journey… Not my men!  I love to ready about Vampires… But I do love to read about my sexy alpha ShapeShifters!!!! I love paranormal, romance, funny, erotic,historical… Then combine anyone of the above! Anything with hot steamy,smutty romance and super duper Alpha Men coupled with Kick butt heroine!!! My world is always taking twist and turns in my reading addictions… My world goes from giggling and kitchen sex to dark and sinister sometimes. You never know where you will find me… BDSM, D/s, m/m and f/f are aleasy within my reach… I love every minute of my reading addiction! If you are brave and wanna join me… I will hold your hand… But I might bite!!!

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