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Review of Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe







Larissa Benoliel  at Larissa’s Bookish Life Said:
“I really enjoyed Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe. It was a quick read, but very sexy and entertaining. We get a good glimpse of the world Selena Blake has created and I, for one, cannot wait for more stories in the Mystic Isle!”




Using Track Changes

Track Changes is one of those things that I feel like everyone who uses a word processor should know. This especially goes for writers, critique partners and beta readers. Amazingly, everyone and their momma seems to have a copy of Word, but only a few know how to use this little gem.

So here’s a brief tutorial on how to use Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Track Changes

First, you need to navigate to the Review tab. (I forget exactly where this is on older versions of Word. Maybe someone can leave a comment with the information. I have Word 2010)


  1. To activate Track Changes, you’ll want to click on the Track Changes button.
  2. After this, Word will track any changes you make. You just read through the document, adding missing letters, updating spelling or punctuation. You can delete words and it will mark the word out.

In the example below, the change is adding the letter S to he to make she. You’ll notice that the S is red and underlined. Also, out on the left there is a | to indicate a change on that line. This helps so you don’t miss small changes like adding a comma or period.




Another handy feature in the Review tab is Comments. This is an easy way to make comments as you’re reading. There’s nothing like a good LOL in the margin at the exact spot that you laughed out loud.

To make a comment, here’s what you do.

  1. Click on the text you want to comment on. If it’s one word, click and hold to highlight that word. You can highlight whole sentences or paragraphs too.
  2. Then go to the Review tab (I showed it above) and click the New Comment button. That will pop up a bubble in the right margin where you can ask a question, leave a smily face or make a comment. Like so:


The comments will have your initials and be numbered.

When you’re done pointing things out and making comments, just save the file (it needs to be a .doc or a .docx.) You’re done.

On Sale This Weekend

Need something steamy and paranormal for your weekend?

200_stormy-weather_final_antho My 5-in-1 anthology is on sale for $3.99 this weekend. That’s the price of one book in the series! If you haven’t met the Deveraux boys, now’s your chance.

Get it: Are | A | BN | S | G

After centuries of solitude the stars are finally aligned just right. The handsome Deveraux men of Louisiana are going to meet their match this Hurricane Season.

Anthology includes: The Cajun’s Captive, Bitten In the Bayou, Seduced by a Cajun Werewolf, Mated to a Cajun Werewolf and Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf (all 5 Stormy Weather stories.)

The Cajun’s Captive

Sebastian Deveraux is the Alpha of his pack and like all the Deveraux men, he’s sexy as pure sin. He’s waited for decades for just the right woman. For his mate. And ten years ago he’d been sure he’d found her in Amanda St. James. But she’d run from him.

Now she’s back. He’ll do anything to keep her. Even if it means tying her to his bed.

Warning: Contains one sinfully seductive Cajun werewolf with plenty of pent up sexual tension, a little light bondage, and a love that will last a lifetime.

Bitten In The Bayou

Jules and Andre Deveraux have been hired to find wildlife photographer Angelica Humphrey. She’s lost somewhere in the Louisiana bayou and there’s a hurricane brewing. Angelica has never met anyone like Jules or Andre and she’s instantly attracted. But she doesn’t have time to act on her desire because she has to get away from the ex-boyfriend who stalks her. They take her back to their cabin, offering her protection and shelter from the storm.

But Angelica quickly finds herself falling under their spell and they happily show her that if one Deveraux is good, two are infinitely better.

Warning: Contains two sinfully handsome cajun werewolves with voracious appetites, a splash of danger and a naughty game of scrabble.

Seduced by a Cajun Werewolf

Ultra sexy werewolf Laurent Deveraux thinks that Violet, the love of his life, died two hundred years ago until she shows up in New Orleans looking for him.

Violet, now a vampire, thinks she’s someone else. Her powerful and dangerous sire has bound her memories, taught her how to kill and Laurent is her next target.

Laurent is determined to awaken her memories and her undying passion before danger steals her away again.

Mated to a Cajun Werewolf

Torn apart…

The Deverauxs and Vassars have been fighting for hundreds of years, but somehow Andre and Juliette fell in love. More than that, they’re mates. Destined to be together for eternity until betrayal tore them apart.

Together again…

When business sends Andre Deveraux to Savannah he comes face to face with Juliette for the first time in sixty five years. Their crash course renews old memories and desires. With Juliette stranded and the hurricane of the century roaring to shore, Andre has no choice but to offer her a lift.

He’s in for the ride of his life.

Warning: Filled with desire that has built for two centuries, one raging hurricane, two passionate, headstrong werewolves and a ride you’ll never forget.

Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf

Kendall Carver knows one thing for sure – security doesn’t last. Injured and on the run, a sinfully handsome stranger saves her life.

Cajun werewolf Burke Devereux learned his lesson 200 years ago. No humans, ever. No looking, no touching, no kissing and certainly no making love. Eager to escape his Pack’s matchmaking attempts he heads for his cabin. But nothing could have prepared him for the raging blizzard or the beautiful woman begging for his help.

Burke’s always prided himself on his self control but as things get cozy, desire sparks and old secrets are brought to light. He must decide how far he will go to protect her.

Also available: Stormy Weather Collector’s Edition (bonus features include two free short stories, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews and more)

Get it: Are | A | BN | S | G

Rather Offensive

Wolfpack, is it just me, or is there something rather offensive about a Bugatti having to slow down for speed bumps? Smile

See for yourself.

Review of A Werewolf to Call Her Own

Emi at Bitten By Paranormal Romance said:

“Wow!! That is what I’m talking about!! This is what I want to read when I read an erotic romance, lol.”

DWTS: Season 16, Expectations, Surprises, Dark Horses, Predictions

Well Wolfpack, Dancing With the Stars is back! Season 16 is finally here and you know me. I’m excited. Yep. No denying.

So this season, Maksim is out. And we have several new pro dancers. That’ll be fun. But not nearly as fun as watching the final three duke it out.

I’m making an early prediction: final three are Kellie & Derek, Zendaya & Val, and Jacoby & Karina.

First, let me say, I expected Jacoby to have some movies. After all, he is a football player and those guys have always done well on the show.

The surprise for me was just how good 16 year old Zendaya is. Like holy cow lick, people. She’s really good. She hits these lines right on the beat and looks like the music is flowing right out of her. How does she do that? Anyway, she exceeded my expectations, which I love.

The dark horse of the show? Kellie Pickler. One automatically assumes because she’s a singer and a song writer that she’ll be able to move to the music. But she’s partnered with Derek and he’s a secret weapon if there ever was one. Like a young, blond James Bond of the ball room. He brings out something in his partners that I don’t think anyone else could. And on Monday night, they proved it. The synchronicity with the music was something else. The vertical leg extension? Hello! Those pointed feet? Yowza. And of course, all those delicious shapes the two of them made.

You’ll have to watch it for yourself. Oh, and by the way, Kellie’s incredible core strength and ridiculous flexibility are going to take her a long way, if not all the way. Watch and see. Because now the Secret Weapon has a new secret weapon. A little, strong, flexible blonde haired sprite by the name of Kellie Pickler.

Question for the Pack: Who are you rooting for?

Book Blogger Interview: Under The Covers Book Blog

Where are you from? Were you a big reader as a child?

Francesca: I’m originally from Italy but I’ve lived all over the place, now in New York.  I was a big reader as a child maybe not the genre that you would expect.  I looooved mysteries and horror primarily, my favorite authors going Agatha Christie to Stephen King and even Jules Verne.  In my teenage years I found a fascination with conspiracy theory type books (like David Yallop), Jane Austin, Anne Rice and inspirational books (one of my fave Brian Weiss).  Yeah I know, the combination!  I had a small romance stage after high school which involved some Harlequins and then I stopped reading for many years.

Suzanne: I am from the UK, England. I used to read loads when I was little, I remember reading Wizard of Oz and Little Women and loving it! I moved from there to Fantasy, and then the teenage years hit and I got pretentious so I delved in to all the classic and pretended I liked them, whilst praying that I would never have to read Charles Dickens again! Now I love all genres but have a massive soft spot for romance and urban fantasy.

Annie:I’m originally from the Philippines but came to Toronto, Canada when I was still a baby. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t a huge reader when I was younger, just the occasional book obsession here or there. I was a bit of a naughty kid growing up and it wasn’t until after high school that I started reading for leisure. But once I started, I couldn’t really stop after that. I like to say I went from being a naughty troublemaker to a naughty book reader.

Angela:  I grew up in San Francisco and now living just an hour away from there. I was never a big reader growing up. In fact, I never read for pleasure up until four years ago when I was coaxed into reading by a friend. Reading addiction has hit me hard since then and now reading is my de-stresser.

What made you decide to start a book blog?

Francesca:  Annie and I were friends on GoodReads and a lot of our immediate group of friends had started their own blogs.  So she said “why not?” and even though we knew it would be time consuming the prospect of doing this as a group and sharing some of the responsibilities would be a big help, not to mention could be fun.  So I invited Suzanne (who was also our GR friend) and the rest is history!  Angela (again also in our original group of GR friends) joined us after about 6 months or so of us blogging.  I think for all of us the most important thing is to share our passion for books and help others find great reads and great authors.

Suzanne: I was friends with Annie and Fran on Goodreads and I got an email asking if I fancied starting a blog with them! I said a big fat YES! And haven’t looked back, I love reading and sharing my passion with all our readers.

Annie: Fran basically summed it up right. All of us were friends before we started blogging and each of us wrote reviews on a regular basis so starting UTC seemed like a good idea. We like a lot of the same books too so we always have loads to talk about when we’re all together.

Angela: I joined UTC about six months from its birth date. Other than trying to convince my friends to read anything I like or talk about my hobby without judgement is reason alone. We love to talk about the books we read and UTC is our voice. Our followers are so awesome, they take are opinions to be as they are.

What’s your biggest challenge as a book blogger?

Francesca:  For me it’s always the schedule.  We now have pretty tight schedules, and that goes for posting on the blog, scheduling, promo and for reading books that we have to review.  We always want to meet our deadlines for reviews and sometimes that can make life a little stressful.

Suzanne: I think being honest can be a challenge, you want to be honest in your reviews and posts without offending anyone.

Annie: For me it’s finding the time to get everything done. It can be a challenge when all these reviews are due on a certain release date. Plus there’s the interview questions you have to get out, and the links you have to update, and the coordination with authors, bloggers and publicists. Somewhere between there you also need to find time to read. And eat. But like Suz likes to say, who needs sleep when you’ve got hot fictional boyfriends to keep you company?

Angela:  Time. It boils down to not having enough of it. Blogging, reading, reviewing and still having a life outside that can be a hand full.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

Francesca:  This is a tough question because I like so many!  SOME are: J.R. Ward, Lisa Kleypas, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, Shayla Black, Lauren Dane, Sylvia Day, Lorelei James, Patricia Briggs, Stacia Kane, Nalini Singh, Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare, Madeline Sheehan, Karina Halle….And why?  Because I know when I pick up one of their books, I’ll be transported to another world from page one and I won’t want to leave it even after the last page is turned.

Suzanne: Oh wow, this could go on for a while so I will stick to my top 3: Ilona Andrews as I adore everything she writes, her Kate Daniels UF series is an absolute favourite and I always bully everyone I know into reading it. JR Ward, if you love PNR at some point JR is going to recommended to you and it good reason her Black Dagger Brother series just sucks you in and creates a brand new obsession. Kristen Ashley, she is a fairly new author and mostly self published but I have managed to read her extensive back list in a very short period of time, her writing may not be the best but her books grab hold of me and don’t let me go. Also Lisa Kleypas, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance and many more!

Annie: Oh this is tough! The first ones that come to mine are Lorelei James, Cherise Sinclair, Abigail Roux, Josh Lanyon, J.D. Robb, Ilona Andrews, Jill Shalvis, Lisa Kleypas, Richelle Mead, Lara Adrian, G.A. Aiken, Patricia Briggs and many, many more!  But the two authors I could not live without are Karen Marie Moning and J.R. Ward. I could read only their books for the rest of my life and still be content. KMM just has this seductive quality to her writing. She is able to surprise you and keep you guessing. Her worldbuilding is awesome and she writes the most alpha heroes – you either love them or hate them and yes! I’m talking about Jericho Barrons! Anyone who can pen a character that creates such emotional extremes in a reader is a very talented one! The other is J.R. Ward and need I really explain what makes her awesome? She has a unique talent of hooking readers in with her words. She adds an extra swagger to her writing that is recognizable and wholly her own. Plus, she also writes amazingly tortured heroes that no female can resist!

Angela: There’s so many to choose from. I started out just loving PNR authors like J. R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter and Lara Adrian. I have ventured out of my box and love a few UFs, contemporary suspense, erotica and even historicals; authors like Pamela Clare, Cynthia Eden, Sylvia Day, Pamela Palmer, Delilah Devlin, Darynda Jones, Jennifer Probst and Sherri Hayes. That’s just a few to mention. All if these authors have the skill to just give me the escape from reality.

What’s your biggest book/story related pet peeve?

Francesca:  I think instalove.  Maybe that’s because I recently finished two books that had it, but I just don’t get it.  Unless they are shifters and they are supposed to recognize their mate on sight as part of their instinct, it just doesn’t work well for me with humans. :)

Suzanne: Ahhhhh pet peeves, where to start, I absolutely hate whiney, especially, teenage heroines it annoys me every time and taints the whole book, on the flip side, heroes who are complete bullies *cough Barrons cough* that bugs me as well and if you combine the two I am likely to spontaneously combust!

Annie: WHAT, SUZANNE?!?! Don’t be hatin’ on my boyfriend Barrons right now, especially after I just gushed about him!!!  Ahem, anyways….I hate when the main conflict of a story is miscommunication. To me, it makes a story feel very weak and easily solved. I like a story that has a conflict that will make me wonder how this author is going to play this out.

Angela: I like almost everything I read. But I do have a few that are big triggers that would make me DNF a book. One is current rape or kidnapping. I’m not sure the cause of it but I don’t like reading as it happens. Another is cheating. Some things are unforgivable to me and having a heroine and hero go through the motions is just unbearable.
If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Francesca:  Gahhh!!!  I would die!  I NEED variety!  But I think I would have to go back to the roots and say anything paranormal.  If I’m stuck with Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy or anything like that then I might be ok.

Suzanne: UF! That way I can get a little of everything, romance, action ad they tend to have better plot lines as well.

Annie: Don’t make me choose! I need a little bit of everything so I don’t get burnt out on a genre. Right now, I’m really into Erotic and Contemporary Romances. Really loving LGBT fiction and the occasional mystery thrown in there. But again, ask me in a month’s time and I’ll probably say something else!  I think the main reason why I’m loving these genres is because there’s no big explosions or zombie attacks acting as the main conflict. It’s really about putting together two people and seeing how they work (or don’t work) together. That’s really what romance is about.

Angela: I think I would be satisfied with PNR since some can venture out to the real world and have so many sub genres. Plus PNR was my first love and will always be a part of my reading no matter what.

Who We Are
Books have the power to unite people and that is exactly what happened with us! Our love for books have brought us together and we’ve become good friends in a short amount of time. We “met” online through Goodreads and decided to share our passion of books with fellow book lovers. And that is how Under the Covers came to be…

Stalk Us:

I made a list!

You’ll find me at number 74 on the Top 100 Books Related Blogs To Follow in 2013 infographic. Lots of great sites on here. Glad to be in such terrific company. Go view the whole list.


Guest Posting over at The Book Monster Reviews

10 Things You Should Know About Maxim Ciolek
1.     He’s the epitome of tall, dark, and dangerous. Years spent watching his back have honed his fighting instincts.
2.     He’s knock-your-knees sexy. Just try to keep your undies on around him. I dare you.

3.     He’s a werewolf. Arrrrooo!

Read the rest at Book Monster Reviews

Book Blogger Interview: Talking Supe

Where are you from? – I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Currently I live in Tennessee
Were you a big reader as a child? – I guess I was. My father is a big reader himself as well as several aunts and books were always around the house. I remember back in elementary I’d always borrow story books on myth and the Adventures of TinTin. The first series I’ve truly followed was Sweet Valley Twins by Francine Pascal and it just evolved from there.
What made you decide to start a book blog? – For those of you who don’t know us and Talk Supe, I share it with my cousin, Debbie. We’d talk and gush about books and one day I suggested that we start an online book club just to get more people to gush with us.  Before blogging I’d submit book reviews to our local library and I guess it wasn’t enough because nobody was responding LOL. So she suggested a blog instead and it took off from there. Basically we just wanted an avenue to unload all our thoughts about books, the rest is icing on a very delicious cake.
What’s your biggest challenge as a book blogger? – Finding the time to blog! Reading is the easiest part but it’s the reviews and the aesthetic part of creating the post and pimping it to social media sites that’s taking the most time for me. Aside from that, once your blog starts getting an audience and the numbers starts to pick up, you start getting invites from various people to review their books, feature, tours etc. and it’s all so exciting but I’m afraid sometimes I bite more than I could chew and that’s when it starts to stress me out. I literally want to read every book review request and join every book tour but I only have so much time in the day to do it.
Who are some of your favorite authors and why? – A lot! But the ones topping the list are Anne Rice, Tiffany Reisz, Tim O’Rourke and Michael Scott. These people never fail to have me on suspended disbelief every time!
Before I would stick to reading books from authors that I’m familiar with or the bestselling ones like Anne Rice and John Grisham. Blogging opened a lot of genres for me to explore and read. That jump out of my reading comfort zone enriched my reading life and I’ve grown to love a lot of books that I wouldn’t have paid attention to in the past. Now I’m more comfortable reading just about anything that I find interesting.
What’s your biggest book/story related pet peeve? – I really find insta-love and love triangles to be too fantastical. It probably happens in real life but the chances of that happening all the time is very minute. To be more specific, these two are almost always present in every YA novel and it automatically makes my eyes roll when I see it coming. In general, I dislike it when the author makes “convenient” scenes, conflicts or endings. Like blow up a very simple conflict to make it dramatic or screw around with familiar processes (i.e. legal/procedural stories) to fit their plot.
If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? – I don’t think this will ever happen and I would go on strike if someone tries and make me read just one genre.
Thank you for having me!