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My 8 Favorite Super Bowl Ads

My favorite commercial of the year goes to…

Seriously. Doesn’t that make your nose twitch?


Love, love, love this wolfy commercial. I mean, come on. Are we the Wolfpack or are we the Wolfpack?!


Love, love, love this Audi commercial too. I’m a huge Audi fan (especially if Jason Statham is driving) and I love the confidence this kid gets from simply driving a car. Nice lip lock too.


We all know how much I like my action movies. Fast & Furious 6, Bay-be! Bring it.


For a little paranormal flair…go Mercedes. Do you think the Benz family ever gets annoyed that most people say Mercedes rather than the full Mercedes Benz?


This one had me giggling at the end. Also, I’m a fan of Naya Rivera and wish they’d given her more singing roles on Glee.


I like this one because I’m a big fan of Kaley. She’s such a cutie.


And…well, you knew this one was gonna make my list. Ladies, please test your fire extinguishers prior to viewing the following: