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Surprising Darcy: Another Teaser


Aiden stopped next to the black and white cat on the arm of the sofa. Green-gold eyes squinted open and stared up at him. He gave Cookie a long stroke and then scratched under her chin. Cookie looked up at Darcy as if to say “Haha…I’m getting all the love.”  It was pathetic to be jealous of a feline. Really, it was…but she knew what it felt like to be petted and caressed by those masterful hands.

He pulled a small fuzzy mouse from his pocket and placed it between the cat’s front paws. “A little something to keep you occupied,” he said and straightened.

Yep, definitely perfect. She bit her tongue to keep from shouting “marry me now!”

He turned and gave her one of his trademark smiles. For a moment she wondered if she’d spoken out loud, but then he whispered “I have a surprise for you too,”and her insides went to mush.

“I like surprises,” she purred, letting her fingers walk up his chest.  At six feet tall, Aiden was God’s gift to womankind.  Golden blond hair, bright turquoise eyes, and a come- hither-smile that had women crawling over each other to get to him.  Whether he was in a suit, scrubs, or nothing but skin, he was breathtaking.  Trapping her hand under his, he made a sound somewhere between a growl and a groan. It reverberated through her blood, all the way to her toes. How could this man turn her on so quickly? So often?

Wrapping his hands around her rib cage, his thumbs grazed the side of her breasts and she fought for self control so she wouldn’t push herself into his hands.  She needed to play hard to get, at least occasionally.

The truth was she was putty in his hands. And he knew it.

“So,” she said, tearing herself away from him and his dreamy eyes.  She strode into the kitchen, letting her hips sway.  “What’s my surprise?” she asked, knowing he’d follow her.