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Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf – available now

The wait is over.
Questions will be answered.
And one last storm will threaten Deveraux Pack.

Kendall Carver knows one thing for sure – security doesn’t last. Injured and on the run, a sinfully handsome stranger saves her life.

Cajun werewolf Burke Devereux learned his lesson 200 years ago. No humans, ever. No looking, no touching, no kissing and certainly no making love. Eager to escape his Pack’s matchmaking attempts he heads for his cabin. But nothing could have prepared him for the raging blizzard or the beautiful woman begging for his help.

Burke’s always prided himself on his self control but as things get cozy, desire sparks and old secrets are brought to light. He must decide how far he will go to protect her.

Stormy Weather #5
Paranormal Romance (werewolf, werecoyote, blizzard)
40,000 words

Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf


Her eyelashes fluttered for a moment and he held his breath, scrutinizing every tiny movement. Then those aqua eyes pegged him again and his breath came whooshing out. She looked totally out of it. Tired, sleepy, traumatized. But she didn’t panic in his arms. Perhaps she didn’t—

“Are you an angel?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

Her question startled a laugh from him. Damn, it felt good to laugh. For a man who prided himself on his easy going nature, he’d been far too tense these last few months.

“I’ve been called many things, but never an angel.” I was the guy cursing at you as you almost ran me off the road. I’m the idiot who can’t stop wondering who you are and what you’re run-ning away from. And I’m the man who can’t stop looking at your lips, wondering what they’ll taste like.

A hint of a smile curved her lips and she laid a hand over his heart. “A fallen angel?”

Win an ARC of Stranded – closed

Congrats to Erin, Tami, and Vanessa!

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped spread the word about Stranded. I appreciate it more than you know.

I’ve got three Advanced Reading Copies burning a hole in my hard drive. More importantly, I want to see what my readers think of this latest addition to the Deveraux saga. So, if you’d love to spend your weekend reading about Burke and Kendall, enter this contest. If you win, I’d love to know what you think about the book come Monday morning. ;-)

Prize: 3 ARC’s of Stranded (Get it before anyone else in the world!)

Deadline: Friday August 19th, 9am EST

How to enter: Leave a comment below and answer one of the following questions:

  • What’s your favorite Stormy Weather book so far?
  • Do you have a favorite line from one of Selena’s books?
  • What’s the latest you’ve stayed up reading a book?

More opportunities to enter (one comment for each of the following counts as one entry):

  1. Click the like button on this post.
  2. Post a note to your Facebook profile about Stranded’s release on August 25th. (IE: Selena Blake’s Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf comes out on August 25th. Can’t wait! FMI:
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  7. Post a review of one of Selena’s books on Amazon,, Smashwords, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing and/or your blog. Each review on each site counts as one entry. Make sure you leave a link to the review so others can check it out.
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Review a book, get a copy of Stranded

From now until August 24, 2011 (or until I’ve gotten 20 entries, whichever comes first) I’m running a contest.

The prize: a copy of Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf

How to enter: Leave a review for any of my books on (or .uk or .de) Reviews must be at least 3 sentences and include a rating. Honest reviews are required, positive reviews are not.

Upon leaving the review, send a note to Selena with:

  1. the title of the book you reviewed
  2. the name you reviewed it under.

If you’d like your copy sent to your kindle, please provide your kindle address within the body of the email. If you don’t have a Kindle, please indicate that. You’ll be provided a PDF copy of Stranded.

Winners will receive their books as soon as the book is available for sale.

So… Are you ready for Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf?


Tip: watch this page for updates.

Which cover do you like best?

I have two cover options for Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf and since we’re counting down to release day, I’d like your opinion. Check out the options below and then leave a comment. Thanks!

Option 1 – Without Snow

Option 2 – With Snow

Introducing Pay with a Tweet

Raise your hand if you’re guilty…

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