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Ask For It in print by Selena Blake

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Bound to a Vampire – 2014
Go For It – 2014
Beg For It – 2015

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  • I just finished reading Games Demons Play and absolutely loved the book.Selena gave such life to Izzy and Shade and their story was totally fulfilling.i cant wait for Avery’s story to be developed and even more adventures and fun to come my way. Selena Blake did not disappoint me with this series at all. After the Cajun weres series,Mystic isle just kept it up. her style delivers a punch and excitement that keeps one enthralled from beginning to end. jeanr on Games Demons Play

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Bestselling Paranormal Romance

bestselling paranormal romance box set
WARNING: Hot, seductive, un-put-downable romance inside. Enter at your own risk. Bring a fire extinguisher. Selena Blake and her characters are not responsible for spontaneous combustion.

In other words, parts of this website are intended for mature audiences.